Stoke-on-Trent: UKIP’s Last Chance to Prove their Worth

With only one official MP in Parliament and with the Conservatives now singing of UKIP’s hymn sheet, the United Kingdom Independence Party are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall announced after his election for UKIP to replace Labour as the opposition party within the north of England.

The main hindrance UKIP has, in their current state, is that with only one MP the electorate may see their vote as being wasted. Considering that with 13% of the vote, during the 2015 General Election, UKIP actually saw a decline in their MP’s from two to one with the ex-conservative Mark Reckless losing his seat. On top of that, UKIP have never actually had their party leader hold a seat in the UK Parliament – including Nigel Farage.

The constituency of Stoke-on-Trent Central is a MUST win for Paul Nuttall and for the long-term future for UKIP. With Labour’s struggles deepening and, in latest news, with frontbenchers set to resign in protest to Jeremy Corbyn, you have to think that if UKIP can’t capitalise on their position here; when will they?

Overall, if UKIP wants to be taken seriously and truly “hold the Conservatives feet to the fire” then Paul Nuttall has to walk into Westminster with the backing of 13% of the electorate and set a precedent for future UKIP MPs to follow suit.